yes, *that* Dawn person (dawn_guy) wrote,
yes, *that* Dawn person

bad actors

Not the "but we have to give them a part, it's community theatre" kind, but the ones who do something that violates professional behaviour in work-related situations.
I recalled an incident from back when I went to Large North American Conference about as often as I missed it due to the way funding worked in various areas of some employer or other, and I tweeted it.
Later in the day, I tweeted another incident where someone in an employment-related context (again away from the workplace -- this time on off-site training) violated the bounds of professionalism.
I have enough of these memorable incidents that involved me to provide a few every day from now through Friday. Not all of them are related to my presentation as a woman in a technology-oriented workplace, though I could fill a week that way if I chose.
Because the incidents themselves were out of place in the expected background of salaried employment (I won't be doing any from my various hourly wage jobs), I'm providing no special hashtags. Read my stream, some of it will be the usual and some of it will seem like a flashback to something unpleasant. Kind of like a compression of my career to date.
I'm interested to see whether anyone notices, and how they might react.
This is particularly interesting given my ongoing search for employment that better fits my needs and desire to contribute meaningfully to the world.
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