yes, *that* Dawn person (dawn_guy) wrote,
yes, *that* Dawn person

perhaps you have nothing to fear

Google's decision to allow legal requests to gather Allo data is a loss of privacy that some people (and presumably Google's legal team and leadership) find reasonable and acceptable.

I have the privilege and life of a person in a fairly high income bracket, performing a societally valued white collar job, appearing to be completely healthy, seemingly cisgender and heteronormative, cleaving within acceptable parameters to my society's overall values, with no known or suspected obvious defects aside from persistent feminist and periodically other equity-prompting views. Clearly I have nothing to fear.

The person you perceive is not the person I see in myself. I have, from an early age, experienced reasons to not put my faith in several types of authority figure and witnessed others' experiences that confirmed my formative conviction. Your "white hats", your "good guys", your "heroes" are not mine. My experiences and views may have more in common with those of people you may not realize you value less than others: the poor, the mentally ill, the refugee, the victim of those with power and a positive reputation, the outcast.

It's common enough to mistrust politicians, to the point many consider such opinions normal. How are you with captains of industry? Technology leaders? Law enforcement? Teachers? School staff? Social workers? Family doctors? Hospital department heads? Health care specialists? Religious leaders? Small business owners? Scholarship winners? Your buddy who is a stand up guy and is involved in community or charity work? There are more but those are my personal top of list.

It's a nice life you've got there. Or maybe you don't: I haven't got your experiences and may not be aware of your stories, so you may be more marginalized than you appear. A little bit like me.
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