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Dawn guy

not to be confused with Dawn Guy

yes, *that* Dawn person
Note to Reader: if anything in my interests provokes question, ask me about it privately and I will clarify it for you.

Dawn is a twisty maze of little passages, each subtly different from the others and many joined to a delightful collection of complementary passages they're enjoying exploring (in a committed, joyous, monogamous relationship) over the long haul. Dawn appears female to most outside observers but isn't firmly convinced about gender one way or another. Neutral pronouns are preferred.

Dawn dislikes loud, abrasive, and self-promoting people. It is difficult for Dawn to be around alcohol, scents, tobacco, and extroverts.

Dawn Guy (a nickname bestowed by a friend, not Dawn's real surname) is an IT manager, for which they're paid adequately. They sing, write, draw and have been known to act, sculpt, paint, and play instruments (as well as perform several other activities not listed here) at varying levels of proficiency. They measure success by contentment rather than accumulation of shiny toys, while admitting the privilege of not having to worry about basic needs like food and shelter is nice.

However you've gotten here, feel free to add dawn_guy to your friends list without notice (ping them if you'd like them to look at your journal for whatever reason, though). Feel free to drop dawn_guy from your friends list with or without notice as well, no hard feelings.

Dawn tends to wander away from their computer at times when your IM clients may say they're there, so please don't take silence as spurning if you see it happen to you. Please don't take a lack of response to comments or email personally either, as they may have other priorities, or even not have actually gotten your message in the first place (thanks to spammers and reactions to spammers).